Making Fulton 555 a Home of Your Own

With expansive floor plans, light-filled rooms, and clean lines, the luxury residences at Fulton 555 are easy to turn into a personal statement. Find inspiration for yours in the stylings of AubreyMaxwell, the interior design and art advisory firm responsible for all of the floor planning, custom furniture acquisition, lighting design, and art curation in the model units and sales gallery at Fulton 555.

Honoring natural materials throughout and focusing on custom and hand-made designs, AubreyMaxwell has developed spaces that reflect the warmth and creative spirit of today’s San Francisco. Using what they have they wrought as a “jumping-off point”, display your own turn in your Hayes Valley luxury condo with unique finds from local home decor shops like Minimal, Paloma and FOUR / QUARTER: the very same stores where they’ve found fun but sophisticated ways to further perfect already perfect spaces.


Ask anyone in the neighborhood, and they’ll readily tell you that Minimal is the neighborhood design resource. If Minimal doesn’t have what you’re looking for (and that’s highly unlikely), they’ll tell you where to find it. Textiles, housewares, seating, and an assortment of personal artifacts of minimalist aesthetic are available to weave into the more complex tapestry of your home. Wander the place for ideas, and take your time, piecing together each room, item by item, with just the right glass work to complete the perfect side table, a mirror to both fill an empty wall and further expand an already expansive room, or that perfect little cast iron pot to add the right touch of warmth to your kitchen.

“We’re inundated by information and impressions in the urban concrete jungle,” says Minimal’s Kristina Runske. “We crave calm and order.”

And nothing brings that calm and order to a space like the right lighting. Fortunately, Minimal provides a deep and excellent selection, particularly that of Pablo Designs, a Dogpatch-based designer whose work appears in the model at 555 Fulton. The clamp floor lamp with its preying mantis quality, as well as the non-intrusive frame of the contour table lamp, both by Pablo Designs can be found at Minimal, and are certain to mesh with whatever you have planned. However, don’t hesitate to ask Runske for additional guidance. She’ll happily “illuminate” you regarding her own favorites.

“My favorite light is the Material light,” says Runske.  A luminescent globe hovers on top of a concrete base with a brass knob. I love the contrast between the materials and yet they work in perfect harmony.”

Minimal? Yes. Simple? Far from it.


Unique finds, fine leather, and excellent craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Paloma, a small, but significant Hayes Valley shop on Gough Street. Specializing in hand-stitched leather goods and bags, locally made jewelry, one-of-a-kind odds and ends, and elements of Japanese apparel, you don’t visit Paloma with something in mind: you visit to find out exactly what you didn’t know you needed, particularly the one-off vintage finds that only the proprietors could have discovered. As well, the handmade leather bags are truly inspired creations—as in, inspired by owner Laureano Faedi’s life.

“I grew up around craftspeople in Buenos Aires,” says Faiedi. “My family’s always gotten by on working hard to create something tangible with our hands—whether it’s food, decorative art or fixing broken things. Leather’s a ubiquitous medium back home, and because of the livestock industry in Argentina, I could get my hands on some pretty high-quality stuff. Watching gauchos make their knife sheaths, horse tack and braiding leather fascinated me, and I decided to try and learn.”

And learn he did. The articles that come from his worktable are not only beautiful, but made for life and backed by a guarantee to match. In fact, if you found yourself ensnared by the classic warmth of our leather king headboard design in the townhouse, then you’ll love all that is made at Paloma (it was hand stitched by Larry himself).

As well, make sure to browse through the T’s for a Gangs of San Francisco shirt (a celebration of “all the most colorful and interesting places and people who have shaped the city into what it is today”), or, if you’re tired of the same old jewelry, nab yourself a special treat at Paloma with Gaston’s jewelry designs. These particular treasures incorporate a miasma of common items made newly extraordinary when placed in a previously unconceived context—like a billiard ball or button made into a ring.

“San Francisco’s inherent dichotomy of high tech and artisan is fascinating,” says Faiedi. “I think people who work on intangible things all day have a craving for customized, handmade goods and an appreciation for getting to know the person who makes your stuff.”

Agreed, and we’re happy to know everyone at Paloma. You will be too.


Some of you may have noticed the custom dowel dining table, dining bench, and sling leather dining chairs in the 2 bedroom unit here at 555 Fulton. If you’re looking for your own, head over to FOUR / QUARTER. Wood, simply assembled with the highest attention to detail, is what FOUR / QUARTER is all about, with occasional metal or leather added for comfortable, yet aesthetically pleasing functional flourishes. The pieces are as much palette as finished creation, minimally designed with a keen eye to detail using only the best materials, with each serving as a sort of palette for your life. That is, the inevitable bumps and bruises that come to any furniture used on a daily basis bring ever more charm to FOUR / QUARTER/s offerings as opposed to making them look battered and worn, as would be the case with more ornate offerings.

“By using solid wood, we’re able to create heirloom quality furniture,” says Sergio Traverso of Four/Quarter. “On top of that, you really can’t beat the look and feel of solid wood.”

The result is pleasing craftsmanship that holds FOUR/QUARTER head and shoulders above others designing in the modern minimalist space. Their tables can also be ordered in counter heights, a space saving solution appreciated by urban dwellers on the move and looking to bring some of their favorite local hangouts into their own homes.

“We still do a significant amount of custom work,” adds Traverso. “Some one-off pieces but also larger projects such as full retail builds.”

Local sustainability bonus: FOUR / QUARTER’s studio is located on Treasure Island.